AAU Programs

SportStrong offers two types of programs: the Elite Program and the Competitive (or Comp) Program.

Elite program

  • For 4th grade through 9th grade
  • Annual commitment program for the Elite basketball athlete
  • All three league seasons (Spring, Summer & Fall) with the Winter Shooting Clinic (SCORE) included
  • Designed for the basketball athlete who wants to excel at the next level
  • Most competitive players who will compete at the Division 1 or 2 level
  • This team is for our most committed players and families
  • Tryouts are held in the 1st weeks of February each year  (maximum of 10 players per team)
  • 7-8 tournaments per year (mostly local SF Bay Area) including two overnight travel tournaments (Ex. Memorial Day in Reno, or Tahoe or San Diego)
  • Players are expected to learn more elaborate offensive and defensive sets and inbound plays
  • Players selected for the Elite program are guaranteed a spot on an Elite team for one year
  • More elaborate player development oriented practices
  • Players will have specific elite uniforms and elite gear available to them

Comp Program

  • For 2nd grade through 9th grade
  • Flexibility to play all three league seasons (Spring, Summer & Fall) or as little as just one season with a discount for our Winter Shooting Clinic (SCORE)
  • Designed for the player who is developing their skills required to play at a higher level
  • Competitive players with a passion for the game who have advanced beyond the normal recreation/school level and want a more competitive level
  • Tryouts are 2 weeks before the beginning of each season or as available per team
  • Players will compete in the local MVP league in Walnut Creek, CA
  • League play will be at the Division 2 or 3 AAU level of competition
  • AAU membership is not required
  • Levels from beginning to advanced depending on the age/teams

For more specifics, please visit our Program Details page here.