SportStrong Youth Sports Foundation

SportStrong is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 corporation and is a stand alone organization not associated with any schools.

We offer high quality coaching, as the majority of our staff is both former collegiate athletes as well as present and former high school coaches. All members have many years with youth basketball at the AAU club level as well as the CYO level.

  1. To teach the fundamentals and individual skills of the game to help improve the players’ athletic ability and basketball performance.
  2. To provide an environment that helps the players perform with confidence and enhance his/her ability to work in a team concept.
  3. To provide highly competitive practices as well as multiple levels of league play that best help the players improve and succeed.

Our Philosophy on Coaching and Mentoring Kids

We support youth who:
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Show respect for their parents and coaches
  • Adopt a strong work ethic
  • Show commitment to a goal
We support coaches who:
  • Are positive role models for our athletes
  • Stress the “Right Way to Play the Game”
  • Teaching fundamentals and respect for the rich heritage of the game
  • Are respectful to the athletes
  • Have expertise in their Sport and have competed at a high level

We offer financial assistance for athletes and families that wish to participate that cannot afford the full fee.

For more information about SportStrong AAU, please see our AAU Programs page.